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Throttled!!! Sat 19th June 2021

Having a comprehensive throttle body rebuild has been at the top of the Yellow Peril’s “Should Have Sorted This Out Ages Ago List” for some time but various higher priority jobs and life in general simply got in the way.

Finally however, I had an email from Steve Winter at Jaz Porsche saying “Bring the car in and let’s get it sorted” and I was there like a shot to leave the car in his care.

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Boxengasse Oilcooled – Sun 23rd Aug 2020

So what and where on Earth is Boxengasse?

Well Boxengasse – the word translates from German to English as “Pit Lane” but Boxengasse the place is a large rural site off the A41 near Bicester which is dedicated to all things Porsche.

It incorporates a number of old farm buildings as well as new purpose built buildings in the same agricultural/industrial style which accommodate the site owner Frank Cassidy’s home, his personal car collection and the premises of Autofarm – a long established classic Porsche restoration and race preparation company.

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