Out East! Porsche Club Meet – Sun 20th Jan 2019

On a crisp, cold January morning with no evidence of salt on the roads – I simply had to fire-up the Yellow Peril and head Out East!

Thankfully – a few other Porsche Club GB members decided to follow suit!

With my car’s transmission earth strap problem temporarily sorted – the engine fired up without difficulty despite the chilly temperature and after a mile or so of coughing and spluttering in protest at its cold early morning awakening from its garage slumbers – the engine settled into it raucous stride.

Turning around the corner from Beachy Road into Stour Road in Hackney Wick I rolled to a halt behind no less that three 356’s. Now most 356 owners would very wisely tuck their precious vehicles away during the winter months but thankfully the pleasure of a sunny Sunday morning drive resulted in the Porsche Club GB “Out East” meeting being blessed with three of these lovely old machines brought along by their owners.

Immaculate engine bay of a 356 Super 90

356SC Outlaw in the foreground with 356A and 356B ahead of it

The 356’s took pride of place next to H. Forman’s fine smoked salmon emporium but many other more modern Porsches were parked up along the adjoining streets accompanied by gaggles of Porschefiles engrossed in car-centric conversation and indulgence in car spec top-trumps!

I had a very pleasant chat with Roger – the owner of this more modern 911. I’m not normally a fan of green cars but have to say that this particular shade really stood out in the sunshine and was complemented really well by the gold coloured Italian wheels.

Porsche 914 2.0L

This very nice 914 2.0L car was braving the cold with it’s targa panel removed indicating that heater must be in fine working condition. I’ve never driven a 914 but they have a reputation for excellent handling and must be even greater fun with a flat-6 or flat-8 stuffed amidships!

Gulf blue, ducktail and contrasting wheels and PORSCHE side decal – what’s not to like?

I’ve photographed this car before but had to do so again as it is just soooooo photogenic against the wild and vivid graffiti backdrop.

With so much development of the surrounding area going on – this venue for the car club meet will inevitably be forced to move-on at some point in time due to the inexorable march of London gentrification. Right now however – it’s great!

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