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Tanked Up – Sat 17th July 2021

An early start beckoned for my cycle ride down to Fenchurch Street Station to get myself and my bike onto the train to the far east. Shoeburyness in the far east of Essex was my destination and the purpose of my trip was to collect the Yellow Peril after its new fuel tank and associated hoses had been fitted at Sportwagen.

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Happy 50th to the Yellow Peril – Oct 2020

The Yellow Peril was born in Stuttgart in October 1970 (Porsche 1971 model year). Shortly after her birth, she was shipped across the English Channel and delivered to AFN’s Falconworks Porsche Adoption Agency in Iselworth. She was subsequently registered and handed to her new carer in January 1971.

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Far East Fix For Crouch End Fender Bender – 17th Dec 2017

On the train from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness on a chilly but gloriously sunny morning – I was full of anticipation. Not only was I  collecting my repaired car but I’d also be able to have a look at ongoing projects at Sportwagen in the far east of Essex.

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911 saga


My 911 saga began actually began with a dream of owning an earlier Porsche model – the 356, but much research and inspection of┬ácars led me to the conclusion that:-

a) Buying a decent 356 at that time was beyond my means and

b) Using a 356 as a daily driver wasn’t really terribly practical.

The 356 engined 912 became toy next Porsche target and I looked at a few cars until Porsche expert Andy Prill pointed out that the cost of fully restoring a 912 are pretty well the same as for a 911 but with two cylinders less than a 911 the resulting value of the car would be significantly lower and thereby represent a less compelling long-term investment.

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