Out East – Porsche Club Meet – Sun 17th Mar 2019

“Sunny intervals AM to be followed by thunder, lightning and hail storms PM”. An early morning drive in the Yellow Peril beckoned in order to attend the PCGB Out East monthly meet at Beachy Road and Stour Road.

Lots of cars arrived before me on what turned out to be a chilly but bright day. Stour Road is quite definitely the preferred parking place for precious Porsches thanks to the particularly lary graffiti backdrop in close proximity to H. Forman & Son’s excellent smoked salmon emporium.


The disappointing paucity of early 911’s at this month’s get together was offset by a nice showing of 356’s – always crowd pleasers.

Nick & Ed Pike’s outlaw 356SC looks very purposeful sans-bumpers and with big fog lights. Its beautifully upholstered speedster seats also add to its sporty style.

Outlaw 356SC
Speedster seats in the Outlaw 356C

Earlier 356 models were also in attendance with Simon Bowery’s Pre-A Bent Screen race car taking the prize for earliest Porsche on the day. It’s fantastic looks bely the fact that it is used in anger on the race track.

Early 911

For a short while I thought the Yellow Peril was going to the sole representative of the London region Early 911 population but thankfully Steve Winter and Vic Cohen rolled (or more accurately – roared) up in their freshly restored 2.2S.

I’ve been following the restoration of Steve and Vic’s car over several years as had its bodywork sorted out by Sportwagen and mechanicals and trim by Steve and his team at his Jaz Porsche premises. It’s great to finally see it up and running.


It’s always nice to see a tidy 914 and this 2.0L example was very nice.

More (Modern) 911s

Although my predilection is for pre-’74 Porsches – I have to grudgingly admit that there we some very nice looking later 911s on show including a few Turbos.

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