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Regent Street Motor Show – Sat 2nd Nov 2019

Competing with the Rugby World Cup Final and awful wet and blustery weather was not good for the 2019 running of this event but “the show went on”.

Not sure if sporting and meteorological factors also impacted the vehicular variety and turn-out but the show seemed a bit more flat than normal, particularly in terms the non-veteran element of the cars on show.

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Regent Street Motor Show – Sat 3rd Nov 2018

After a serious dearth of car related outings of late – I was quite looking forward to the Regent Street Motor Show.

Having closely scrutinised a couple of cars that caught my fancy – I left the event early however as it was simply too crowded for my liking.

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Kop Hill Climb – Sun 17th Sep 2017

The Somme

I last attended Kop in 2015 and I decided it was high-time for a return visit.

My drive out to Princes Risborough in the old 911 was uneventful but upon arrival misty and damp conditions meant parking in the field adjacent to the hill was bit like competing in a muddy rally stage. Walking from the car to the paddock entrance also made me realise that wellies might have been better footwear than trainers!

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London to Brighton Veteran Car Run – Sun 6th Nov 2016

Normally I go down to Hyde Park to see the veteran cars receive last minute preparation before setting off as dawn breaks but this year I had a bit of a lie-in.

Hopping on the first tube – I headed for Leicester Square and then took a brisk walk down Charing Cross Road and across Trafalgar Square to the Mall to watch the cars turn onto Horse Guards Road en-route for Brighton via Parliament Square and Westminster Bridge.

There was a serious chill in the air but the sun shone brightly  and with hardly any other people around it was a great vantage point to see the cars in action.

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London Classic Car Show – Sat 20th Feb 2016

This year’s London Classic Car Show at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London’s Docklands promised to be bigger and better than last year and thankfully – it was!

Spread over two large halls the show was easier to move around, it offered a more balanced mix of dealers, specialists and car club stands and last but not least it allowed for a much bigger open space in which to parade cars representing the great automotive nations.

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Decisions, Decisions – 2016?

Moving on from reflections of 2015 – it’s time to look forward and consider how to indulge my motoring interests in 2016. What events should I attend and what improvements can I make to my ’71 2.2 L 911E? Decisions, decisions!

With a bit of careful planning – it would be easily possible to spend most of my weekends attending one form of motoring activity or another but this would certainly be a fast-track to divorce. Instead I need to carefully select those events that:-

a) Stand-out in terms of their quality, variety and spectacle,

b) Present an opportunity to meet up with old mates,

c) Provide new motoring experiences.

On the car front – my aim is to continue gradual improvement of my 911 with some mechanical and cosmetic upgrades as time, money and availability of parts & services allow.

So here are my thoughts on car events I could attend and car improvements I could make during 2016.

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The Dead Zone – Jan 2016

The winter months present something of a challenge to British motoring enthusiasts as it’s a motoring Dead Zone as far as races and classic car jaunts are concerned due to the poor weather and lack of daylight.

With precious motors consigned to winter hibernation – it leaves car enthusiasts dangerously prone to the onset of ICDS –  Interesting Car Deficiency Syndrome!

To counter the debilitating effects of this affliction it’s important to reflect on the past year’s motoring highlights and to start planning for petrolicious pleasures in the year to come.

It also allows time to muse over the improvements you’ve managed to make to your classic car over the past year and fantasise over other reassuringly expensive ways of further improving its performance or looks.

NB: The featured image shows my Dad (on the left) and his colleague in the late 1940s just after they’d dug their way through a truck-high snow drift on their daily round to collect milk churns from remote farms around Appleby, Cumbria.

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Regent Street Motor Show – Sat 31st Oct 2015 Part Two

(Part one of the 2015 Regent Street Motor Show is <a ” href=”″>here).

It’s not often that you get a chance to get so close to such historic vehicles and their custodians. I lie – you can do it every year on Regent Street and in Hyde Park in early November!

This is my second post covering the Regent Street Motor Show and this one focuses on more of the veteran cars that were on display ahead of the 2015 running of the annual London to Brighton Run for pre-1905 cars.

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Regent Street Motor Show – Sat 31st Oct 2015 Part One

(Part two of the 2015 Regent Street Motor Show has now been posted, click here to read it.)

The last day of October delivered beautiful autumnal weather and an opportunity to view a  host of lovely cars (ancient and modern) along Regent Street in the heart of London’s West End.

This annual event provides superb access to great veteran cars  and their period costumed custodians ahead of their participation in the London to Brighton Run. Some more modern machinery such as the latest offerings from Aston Martin and Tesla was also available for close inspection and “selfie” over-indulgence.

This is the first of two posts covering the event. Part One focuses upon more modern machinery and some of the veteran cars on display. Regent Street Motor Show – 31st Oct 2015 Part Two covers other veteran cars.

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Kop Hill Climb – Sun 20th Sep 2015

Following a really enjoyable visit to Prescott earlier in the year I had little hesitation in deciding to join DDK mate Kirk on a visit to Kop Hill Climb.

This annual revival has grown into a tremendously popular weekend gathering of cars, motorbikes and petrol-head enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes, ages and states of repair.  The sheer variety of motors was enormous with everything from 1904 Veteran Cars through Pre-war land speed record behemoths to the latest Tesla. A great, easy-going but tremendously well organised event. Don’t miss it next year!

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