My name’s Phil, I’m originally from Cumbria, but I’ve lived and worked in London for over 35 years. As my friends and family know only too well, I’ve been mad about cars my entire life.

This blog is about my passion…

… and, in particular, my old Porsche 911.

911 2.2E

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4 thoughts on “About…”

  1. Hi Phil great to meet you and Gordon at Le Mans. Hope the drive home wasn’t too stressful with the engine hunting problem?Would be interested to know what caused it as my 3 litre does the same, though understand it is a slightly newer technology! Let’s stay in touch, my email rupert@knightscape.co.uk. Would like to meet up with the cars!
    All the best,
    Rupert Knight
    Ps did you get the June issue of 911&PW?

    1. Hi Rupert – glad you got in touch as Gordon and I missed you towards the end of the race. I’ll let you know the diagnosis of the rev hunting problem as and when Steve gets to the bottom of it. The June edition of 911 & PW with your car in it seems to have disappeared from the shelves but I’ll opt for a digital version if I can’t track one down. Will definitely meet up with the cars at some point in the near future.

    1. Tony – Thanks very much for your feedback. Praise indeed from a WS of WSM. Great to see WSMs alive and well out where they should be on the race tracks.

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